Three DocuPass Document Verification Methods for Every Need

DocuPass is a fantastic product to verify users on a website or application quickly. This application checks identification documents with minimal time and energy. There are three ways to use the DocuPass document checking application. There is a mobile module, an iframe module for website use, and a redirect module that sends users to the DocuPass website for verification purposes.

Checking identities with the mobile document checking module is painless and quick. A unique QR code is made for every user that will let them access a mobile app that will send them through a guided verification process. These results can be stored or sent back to the website server for use. The process is this simple and allows reliable identity verification from the documentation used in the process with rapid results.

The iframe module will check documents without leaving the website. Simply place the code created for the website into the HTML of the site and watch as users verify themselves without any further trouble. This gets people verified and using the website quickly, without any hassle. DocuPass cleans away all the difficulty of identity verification for its clients.

The DocuPass API can also generate a URL for verification. This is the redirect module, and it sends users to the DocuPass website for the duration of the verification process. While the user is there, they will be verified and sent back to the original website, and the user verification data will be sent to the backend server for the client. DocuPass has the verification technique for every need. With a mobile method, a website method, and a redirect method, there is a solution DocuPass can provide for any document verification need.

See also driver license verification for additional information.

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